Questions & Answers

Below you will find the most common questions we get asked. If you find you still have a question, just email or phone  - we like to get back to our customers quickly so you should have you answer promptly . 




How many people can fly?

We use an R44 which seats 3 passengers plus pilot. All flights require a minimum of 2 people. If just one person wants to fly - you can purchase two seats or contact us to see if we can have a single person join another flight.

What is the weight limit?

We can not take a person who weights over 136kg. We also have a combined weight limit of around 260kg - this just depends on the length of flight  taken. Email us if you have further queries. 

Can Children Fly?

Yes. All children over 3 years require their own seat and are charged the same rate as an adult. Children under 3 years will be seated on an accompanying adults lap with an additional belt. Children under 3 years are free of charge.

I have Limited mobility- is it easy to get into the helicopter?

Yes. We can remove the doors of the helicopter to give greater access - then we can put them back on before flying (or leave them off) Additional we can drive vehicles right up to the helicopter. Stawell airport building is wheelchair


I want to take perfect photos!

Great. For perfect viewing/


filming we can remove all four doors of the helicopter. Plus we are flexible if you are wanting to get that sunrise or sunset shots.

What happens

if the

weather is 


Unfortunately Mother Nature can be unpredictable. However with great technology we are able to generally forecast bad weather. In this scenario we will contact you day/s before and try to arrange a better day. Or if you are unable to rebook we will just refund any monies.

I want to add an extra surprise!

If you have booked your tour/flight for a special occasion (birthday/anniversary)we can arrange a special gift hamper for your lucky partner. We have two gift packs available; either wine based or local produce based. Both packs are $100 each. Email your request.

It's for a birthday or special occasion

If you have booked your tour/flight for a birthday and would like to surprise someone with a birthday cake or bottle of Sparkling wine.

Either at the end of the flight or during your tour (at a local winery or restaurant)  

Email your request or add this option during the booking process.

Can I be picked up/dropped off?

We would love to offer this service all the time, however unfortunately many of our flights are back to back. However sometimes we can offer this service (depending on area) An additional cost of $55 return per pick up applies for the towns of Halls Gap, Stawell & Pomonal. Prices for others areas:

Great Western: $65

Moyston: $60

Ararat: $70

What if two couples want to fly together?

Unfortunately we only have the one machine in this regional area. However some arrangements  can be made to fly additional couples to join other couples - on certain tours. Additional ferry flight costs are involved however options for couples to travel together are available - just email us what you would like to achieve.

what do i need to bring?

For scenic/joy flights you just need your sunglasses and camera/phone. For landed tours; easy to walk in footwear is advised. If choosing to fly with doors off - all additional items such as phones/cameras must have a hand strap and no slip on shoes such as thongs.  

How much wine does the helicopter fit if i want to buy?

This does vary depending on the amount of passengers and weight. Generally anywhere up to 100 bottles can fit onboard. Additional shipping arrangements can be made at your expense if required. 

I want to give a gift certificate

Two options. You can book your tour/flight gift certificate online and can print the certificate 

straight away. Or if booking over the phone, we can arrange to have a gift certificate sent in the mail or can be picked up from Stawell airport. All gift certificates are valid for 3 years from date of purchase. 

You can pick a set flight or just a set dollar amount.

Can you land on my property?

We are asked this often. Yes, if your land is large, and logistically suitable we often land on personal properties to pick up passengers or provide joy flights during a special occasion. Email your address and details of request and we can provide a quote. 

Are all flights available every day?

All joy & scenic flights are available 7 days. However the lunch, picnic, winery and food & wine tours are limited to the days of operation of the business we land at. Some are 7 days, other are just Friday to Sunday. Check each tour description for availability.