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Heli Photography Tours

We have teamed up with local photographer - Marcus Thomson. Marcus grew up in the region and is a commercial and advertising photographer who has worked throughout Australia and overseas.

Fly in a chartered helicopter flown by an experienced pilot from Grampians Helicopter. Capture aerial images across the Grampians of Beehive Falls, Mount William, the Chimney Pots, Elephant’s Hide, Redman’s Bluff, Brigg’s Bluff, Mount Difficult and many more. You can arrange to have your photography lesson prior to taking off just in time to try out everything you have learnt or fly with the photographer to gain insight as you fly. (Marcus has taken these above shots at sunrise.)


Options to fly with 'doors off' for full unobstructed viewing 


Airtime Tours component range from 30 minutes to one hour. 

* T&C apply 

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